Full Spectrum CBD Oil (3,000mg)


✔️ Aid in pain relief
✔️ Improve balance and stress management
✔️ Alleviate tension and reduce inflammation
✔️ Increase relaxation for a great night's sleep
✔️ Enhance recovery from exercise
✔️ Regain a sense of calm
✔️ THC + CBD

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Vibrations CBD tinctures are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the absolute highest level of quality and consistency. In order to provide the most natural products possible we utilize just two ingredients, phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp extract, organic medium-chain triglyceride MCT Oil (Coconut derived), and no artificial or "natural" flavors. Our whole-plant formula, provides a much wider array of phytonutrients and terpenes widely believed to enhance CBD's efficacy through a synergistic “entourage” effect.


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings)
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The best ever!
Written by Jessica on Mar 2nd 2024

Absolutely the best CBD products Ive tried!!

Worth every penny
Written by Dalia on Mar 1st 2024

This is the best thing I've bought in so long. I use it mainly for pain management and occasionally if i can't sleep. It has made such an impact on my life.

This is what you want
Written by Gary on Feb 29th 2024

If you're dealing with intense, chronic, or even mild pain then this is what you've been looking for. It has been a complete life saver for me.

Very strong
Written by Gavin on Feb 28th 2024

I use half a vile twice a day and it is very effective. I'm shocked that such a small amount provides such powerful relief.

Impressive stuff
Written by Paul on Feb 28th 2024

I switched to this company last month and won't be looking back.

The only CBD I trust
Written by Maxine on Feb 26th 2024

I used to use another popular brand (I won't say which), but I never felt any effects. I switched to this brand, and wow what a difference! It feels great to find a CBD company that actually provides a product that works.

Miracle supplement!
Written by Frank on Feb 26th 2024

My sister used this on her dog as a last resort due to a tumor in his stomach. I can't say for sure this is what did it, but the only thing in his diet she changed was adding this oil each day. The tumor is now completely gone! I figured if it could do that, then I'm all in. Been taking for 10 days and really enjoying how I feel. Thank you so much! -Frank

Working great for my wife
Written by Ian on Feb 23rd 2024

We got this to help with my wife's nerve issues. She is in less pain now and feeling more relaxed.

Great Supplement
Written by Duncan on Feb 19th 2024

This has become a staple in my wellness regimen. Very happy with all aspects of this supplement, highly recommend.

Better and Stronger
Written by Carl on Feb 17th 2024

The 3000 is stronger and better

No other brand compares
Written by Andy on Feb 14th 2024

I will never buy from another CBD company again. This is the cream of the crop!

Best cbd product!
Written by Haris Alukic on Feb 14th 2024

Has helped my pup so much with his condition and inflammation, truly remarkable! Thank you!

A Savior for Sleep
Written by Beth on Feb 12th 2024

Struggling with sleep has been a constant battle for me, but Vibrations oil has been a true savior. It doesn't knock me out like some sleep aids do instead, it gently lulls me into a deep sleep.

Great stuff
Written by Pat on Feb 12th 2024

Full disclosure, I received this oil for free. I met the owner at yoga, and during conversation mentioned the intense stress I'm dealing with. He told me about his company and brought me this bottle the following week. It works even better than he said it would! I use one ml most days, sometimes two if it's "one of those days". It melts away my stress and anxiety like butter. I'll be a customer for the foreseeable future.

Works very well
Written by Maggie on Feb 9th 2024

I am using this for my husbands complications for MS. It is helping him quite a bit.

Thank you
Written by Brittne on Feb 9th 2024

So thankful this exists.

Cbd full spectrum
Written by Haris on Feb 7th 2024

Great product, it is saving my doggy’s life, I firmly believe he is making a recovery from his illness because of this product. Yes other medications and factors play a role, but even the vets can’t explain why he’s doing so well. So yes, I and my family loves this product. Thank you guys so much!

Seeing the results
Written by Bart on Feb 6th 2024

I take one dropperful (1ml) every morning. I feel much better after taking for many months. I first noticed results after a couple days.

It's like I'm aging in reverse!
Written by Rhonda on Feb 6th 2024

Haven't felt this good in over 20 years!

Get this version
Written by Lori on Feb 4th 2024

I was buying the 1,000mg version for the past year. It works really well, but I've discovered this version is the better buy. It's the same formula, triple the strength, but only double the price. I just take a little less than I was with the 1,000mg version and the bottle lasts longer. It's a great value!

Migraine Miracle
Written by Dawn Marie on Feb 3rd 2024

I’ve suffered from migraines for years! I’ve tried a variety of natural remedies and this works by far the best!! If you’ve ever dealt with migraines then you know how debilitating they can be. The fact that this oil can relieve the pain and sensitivity it’s life changing!

Arthritis aid
Written by A. Estrella on Feb 3rd 2024

I’ve been using this to help with pain from rheumatoid arthritis. It has decrease my pain levels and my joints feel less inflamed.

Very effective
Written by Eddie on Jan 31st 2024

Very effective as it delivers pain relief and relieves the anxiety that goes with it.

Written by Ana on Jan 29th 2024

works, good product

Excellent cbd oil
Written by Jared on Jan 28th 2024

This is a really outstanding product. My doctor suggested I try a cbd oil for chronic pain and joint issues. I did not see how it could make much of a difference but decided to try it anyways. I could not have been more wrong! I noticed significant improvement right away. I went with the 3000 strength because I figured I would need the strongest available.

Best thing I've bought all year!
Written by Stephen N on Jan 26th 2024

Okay I know the year just started, but seriously this is the best CBD i've ever tried and i've tried a lot!

Experiment with your dose
Written by Mark F. on Jan 25th 2024

After playing with my dosage the first week, I'm happy to say I found the perfect amount. My sleep has improved quite a bit. Thank you for providing such a high quality product!

Written by EJ on Jan 24th 2024

Works Amazing!

Love Vibrations CBD!
Written by Sam on Jan 22nd 2024

I love this company! Excellent oils and speedy delivery. They seem to really care about their customers and the products they put out. I've found my home here.

A Loyal Customer
Written by Lisa on Jan 21st 2024

Been using for a over a year now. Always pleased w/ their products & great service, including the full spectrum balm & sleep oil.

Great for social anxiety
Written by Mateos on Jan 20th 2024

Vibrations 3,000mg oil has helped my social anxiety and stress tremendously. The calming effect is immediate, making social interactions much more pleasant. I take 1 full dropper under my tongue before going out. It absorbs quickly and has a nice mild nutty flavor. If you suffer from anxiety or stress of any kind, I highly recommend.

CBD oil full spectrum
Written by Rachael on Oct 11th 2023

I ordered the full spectrum product to help with inflammation. I have used it twice but I can appreciate the neutral flavor and wholesome ingredients. It is smooth and easy to take. I also want to acknowledge the company’s support of veterans! We appreciate vibrations and all of the support!

Written by KC on Aug 11th 2023

I take this every night before bed. It's the best CBD around!

Great product and customer service!
Written by Ron on May 10th 2022

Have been using the 1500mg with success but recently upgraded to the 3000mg twice a day and after working a 10 hour day six days a week very little soreness. I also use the 1000mg drops before I go to bed am able to fall asleep pretty quickly and no trouble waking up in the morning. Customer service and shipping excellent. Highly recommend this shop.

It works!!
Written by Sara on Mar 27th 2022

5 stars!!! This is my new favorite product. It helps with my anxiety and sleep. I'll be a customer for life!