Pet CBD Oil


✔️ Help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation
✔️ promote a calm and more relaxed demeanor
✔️ Anti-inflammatory properties
✔️ Help stimulate appetite
✔️ Contribute to better sleep patterns
✔️ Support joint health and mobility
✔️ Support a healthy digestive system

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Introducing our premium THC-free CBD Oil for Pets, the perfect companion for your furry friends! At Vibrations CBD, we understand that your pets' well-being is of utmost importance, and that's why we have carefully crafted this special formula to provide them with the natural support they need. Specially formulated with love and care, our Pet oil is designed to enhance the overall quality of life for your beloved companions. Crafted using the finest USA grown hemp, our CBD oil undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure consistency, potency, and, most importantly, purity.



Product Reviews

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So helpful
Written by Lynda on Mar 2nd 2024

Helps our Nervous Boy!

Helps my dog be less aggressive
Written by Stephanie on Feb 26th 2024

My dog is often aggressive with other dogs. I started giving her this before going to the park and it has helped calm her without making her lazy.

Trying this for digestive issues
Written by Sonia on Feb 26th 2024

Just started using this. It's too early to tell how well it is working, but my dog likes the taste.

Doggo medicine
Written by Evan on Feb 19th 2024

This works so well for puppy anxiety and hyperactivity!

Seems to work well
Written by Kunal on Feb 17th 2024

My dog seems to be doing much better, thanks.

Great supplement
Written by Shaun on Feb 14th 2024

It's helping my dog (large lab) with his hip issues. He is moving around much better and playing again.

So Impressed!
Written by Laurel on Feb 14th 2024

Has helped my dogs inflammation and joint issues so much! I'm so impressed! Thank you!

My dog approves
Written by Karla on Feb 6th 2024

My dog loves this oil. It helps her a lot.

Does the job
Written by Jess on Feb 4th 2024

It is helping with my dogs anxiety.

It’s working
Written by Chantelle on Feb 3rd 2024

I’m using this to help my dog calm down. He is an extremely hyper puppy and he vet said this may relax him. It definitely helps! I follow the chart on the back which is just enough to keep him calm without being too drowsy.

Sadie approves
Written by Jasmine on Jan 31st 2024

My baby loves it! It's basically a treat for her at this point.

Written by Carl on Jan 27th 2024

We have very loud neighbors that often upset our dog. Anytime they are having one of their "parties" I give him a small amount on a treat. It cuts down on the barking and puts him at ease.

My babies are doing much better thanks to this
Written by Daphne on Jan 26th 2024

I use this for both my small dog and cat. They are getting up there in age and as expected are experiencing various issues. I just add it onto their food. I believe this is giving them a higher quality of life as they appear to be more like themselves lately.

So happy you made this
Written by Krystal on Jan 25th 2024

Great product. So happy they came out with a pet specific version. My dog was sharing mine for awhile lol

Our Dog's Bacon-Flavored Delight!
Written by Brigette on Jan 21st 2024

I started giving my dog this CBD to help manage her arthritis, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. She is much more energetic and appears to have less pain. The bacon flavor is also huge hit with her!

Great product
Written by Jasmine on Aug 25th 2023

I’ve been giving my Frenchie a small amount each day. It seems to really help with her anxiety!