Full Spectrum CBD Balm (1,500mg)


✔️ Aid in pain relief
✔️ Revitalize stiff joints and sore muscles
✔️ Nourish dry, cracked, and irritated skin
✔️ Alleviate tension and reduce inflammation
✔️ Enhance recovery from exercise
✔️ Apply anywhere for fast results

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Vibrations CBD balms are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the absolute highest level of quality and consistency. In order to provide the most natural products possible we utilize just four simple ingredients, Organic Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil (Coconut derived), phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp extract, 100% pure beeswax, and thoughtfully crafted essential oil blends. Our whole-plant formula, provides a much wider array of phytonutrients and terpenes widely believed to enhance CBD's efficacy through a synergistic “entourage” effect.

CBD balms are commonly used for a variety of skin conditions, joint discomfort, and overall pain. A topical balm is one of the most effective and bioavailable methods for absorbing CBD. Relief can often be felt in as little as 15 minutes.


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings)
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Keeps me relaxed and at ease
Written by Bethany on Jun 11th 2024

Keeps me relaxed and eases my muscle tension

Shocked how well it works
Written by Lori on May 21st 2024

Fast, effective relief. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Arthritis relief
Written by Dominic on May 9th 2024

Very good for relieving arthritis symptoms

Good for seniors
Written by Margorie on May 5th 2024

I am using this after going on long walks. It has helped decrease the pain in my feet and lower legs.

So good for massage
Written by Ariana on Apr 30th 2024

I use this for sensual massages. The CBD provides excellent relief for inflammation and sore muscles while the essential oils provides a beautiful sensual aroma. 10/10.

Happy with it
Written by Marvin on Apr 25th 2024

Helps with my painful and irritated knees.

Good cream for joints
Written by Ivan on Apr 21st 2024

It is helping my joints feel less inflamed and stiff. Easy to apply and effective.

Recommend to all
Written by Ellen on Mar 20th 2024

Love this product. Great for pain in my joints!

Love it
Written by Beth N. on Mar 20th 2024

Love this stuff. Especially since it has such a nice aroma.

Such great results
Written by Liz on Mar 11th 2024

This balm is so good! It lasts me at least 6 hours each day. It's been a solution to a lifetime of painful arthritis.

CBD is real
Written by Michel on Mar 9th 2024

This really does relieve pain and inflammation. I use it for my knee but I believe it would work anywhere. I am having great results.

My saving grace
Written by Amy on Mar 6th 2024

This balm has been my saving grace! I love the scent from the essential oils, how much of a difference such a small amount makes, and how the relief lasts all through the night.

Working on eczema
Written by Keren on Mar 1st 2024

I am seeing great results using this for eczema

Written by Ernest on Feb 28th 2024

I've only been using the balm a few days but my joints are feeling much better

Best topical I've tried
Written by Francis on Feb 28th 2024

This has worked the best for me so far. Last hours and easy to use.

I love the presentation
Written by Taylor on Feb 26th 2024

This is such a cute item with the custom stamp and twine. It makes a great gift and works really well.

Will buy again
Written by Molly on Feb 26th 2024

Works good. I will buy again when I run out.

Love this scent
Written by Theresa on Feb 24th 2024

This works great, but what I love even more is the blend of essential oils they use. It has an incredible aroma.

Great for massage
Written by LIsa on Feb 19th 2024

I love using this with my wife. The scent is perfect for setting the mood and the balm works wonders.

A miracle
Written by Patricia on Feb 17th 2024

I have been in such bad pain for years. My body constantly aches and I take multiple prescription medications to help. I don't know how, but this balm has been able to bring better relief than my medicine. My body is finally feeling better.

My neck thanks you
Written by Neda on Feb 17th 2024

Using this on neck pain from poor posture and forward head. It has relieved the pain so that i barely notice it and i believe the inflammation has calmed also.

The best
Written by Dustin on Feb 9th 2024

I have used CBD topicals for years, Vibrations is the top of the food chain!

Great Product
Written by Lia on Feb 6th 2024

Works fast and I would recommend.

Great for massage
Written by Elizabeth on Feb 3rd 2024

I use this for massage and it is AMAZING!! It’s the perfect amount of oil, the client leaves feeling deeply relaxed, and the scent is the perfect cherry on top!

Highly recommend
Written by SCOTT on Feb 3rd 2024

Helps for all kinds of soreness and aches.

My mom loves it
Written by Kevin on Jan 25th 2024

I got this for me mom because she's been in a lot of pain lately. She says it helps a lot.

Great product for anyone dealing with chemo
Written by Debbie on Jan 24th 2024

I've been having complications from chemotherapy. My doctor recommended this product and it has been helping. I also use the oil which puts me in a state of ease, and allows me to eat.

My Low Back Pain Is Gone.
Written by Shad on Jan 23rd 2024

My friend told about about this cream because I have been having low back pain for months. He using it on his knees and has had great results. I decided to give it a try and it did not disappoint! I use a generous amount 2x a day morning & afternoon. Pro tip: It seems to work even better if rubbed in after a shower. Maybe because the skin is able to absorb better?

My knees are feeling much better
Written by Demar on Jan 22nd 2024

I got this cream to help with constant knee pain from sports. I was pretty skeptical, but this actually works. I rub it in about 30 minutes before I workout or do anything that might irritate my knees. I also apply it afterwards for some extra relief. It seems to really help with inflammation and I never wake up sore anymore. 5 stars

Miracle foot and ankle balm!
Written by Vicki on May 8th 2022

I have had severe foot pain and a stiff swollen ankle for years and have tried so many interventions (orthotics, physical therapy, wearing an ankle brace, taping, icing and heating, massage, over the counter creams, prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers, etc.) and this balm has helped reduce the ankle swelling and pain in my feet more than anything else I’ve tried! It’s like a little miracle! I still can’t believe it! I am so grateful that I tried it and finally found something that really helps! I also love that a little goes a long way. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!

Brought relief
Written by Karina on Mar 30th 2022

This cream has helped me so much with pain in my foot. I put this on after i shower in the morning and again at night. I have been using it for a while and haven't had cramps in my foot since. I think it is increasing blood circulation in the area. I really like this product, I love the scent and the feel of it. It is perfect for massaging into the area.

Great for pain
Written by Marquise on Mar 27th 2022

I've been using this balm for a couple weeks now on my knee with really good results. I've had multiple surgeries on my knee which causes constant pain. I'm also sober so it has been hard to manage my pain. I've tried menthol creams, essential oils, and a bunch of other remedies but nothing has worked this well. This works great, but I'm going to try the 3,000mg next time.