Sleep Oil (CBD + CBN )


✔️ Quick and effective
✔️ Sleep deeper and longer
✔️ Wake up refreshed with enhanced recovery
✔️ Alleviate tension and reduce inflammation
✔️ CBD + CBN
✔️ Superior blend of cannabinoids

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Introducing our revolutionary Sleep Oil – the ultimate solution for those seeking an escape from sleepless nights and a gateway to the serenity of deep, restorative sleep. With the combined power of CBD and CBN, two of nature's most potent sleep-inducing compounds, our formula is meticulously crafted to promote relaxation and provide you with a peaceful slumber like never before.


Product Reviews

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Doesn't help at all.
Written by Carol Greer on Jun 18th 2024

Doesn't help at all.

Very good
Written by Eduardo on Jun 10th 2024

Amazing nights sleep after taking this. Woke up feeling great also.

Sleep oil
Written by Chauncy on May 26th 2024

I use this at night to help me relax. Very much appreciated!

Great product
Written by Greg on May 21st 2024

Great product. Helps me relax and get to sleep.

Sleep oil
Written by Brandon on May 17th 2024

Easy to use, fast results & I feel like I wake up in better mood like I slept peacefully!

Never slept better
Written by Justin Madsen on May 17th 2024

My sleep has never been this good. This is really amazing stuff you have.

Awesome recipe
Written by JOHNNY on May 11th 2024

Hands down the best natural sleep aid out there.

Insomnia relief
Written by Dale on May 9th 2024

I am now using only half the amount of sleeping medication I was prior. Hoping to get that down to zero soon. Going to drop it to 1/4th my normal amount next week. Love it so far.

Never want to go without it!
Written by Delilah on May 6th 2024

It has helped me reduce prescription medication for anxiety. It helps me stay relaxed all day!

So happy I found this product
Written by Dana on May 5th 2024

It was exactly as described. Sometime i use half a dropper during the day to relax me too.

Works great
Written by Carolina on May 2nd 2024

Using this to help with insomnia. It has been very helpful.

Sleeping great now.
Written by Terrel on Apr 29th 2024

Working great for me so far. I'm sleeping much better now.

Sleeping much better
Written by AJ on Apr 25th 2024

This arrived 2 days after i placed my order and ever since I am sleeping much better. I recommend this for anyone with sleep issues.

It's been great
Written by Sean on Apr 8th 2024

Great product. A dropper full before bed for a wonderful night's sleep.

Amazing Product
Written by Cecilio on Apr 8th 2024

I have improved focus with a soothing calmness. I feel a lot less tense throughout my day. I'm sleeping better and consistently waking with a feeling of peace versus the regular stress I would feel. I am off my prescribed sleep medication after a month of using this oil.

Better sleep
Written by Chris on Mar 20th 2024

I get better sleep with this oil over previous cbd tinctures I tried. The cbn seems to be a nice addition.

Amazing quality
Written by Adam on Mar 20th 2024

I love Vibrations CBD products. I have been using them for almost 2 years now for pain relief and improved sleep. They have helped a great deal.

Definitely works
Written by Dianne on Mar 13th 2024

This has done wonders for my ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Look no further
Written by Connie on Mar 13th 2024

I have been using this nightly for a couple of weeks now and have experienced much improved restful nights. Love this product!

Love this product!
Written by Augustine on Mar 11th 2024

It helps relieve my anxiety and helps me sleep much better.

Written by Pedro on Mar 9th 2024

Besides being great for sleep, I also take half a dose during the day for a mellow relaxed vibe. I really enjoy it.

Love it
Written by Maggie on Mar 2nd 2024

Love, love, love this sleep aid. It helps me keep calm and fall asleep easily.

Written by Dan on Mar 1st 2024

It sure does help with sleep. Still dialing in the dose. So far so good

Feeling well rested
Written by Connor on Feb 28th 2024

My sleep quality has improved dramatically.

Affordable and effective
Written by Eunice on Feb 26th 2024

I love everything about this. The price, the effects, the packaging, it is all wonderful.

CBN helps a lot
Written by Jimmy on Feb 26th 2024

I am sleeping so much better ever since I started using this sleep oil. I have used cbd in the past, but I believe the extra cbn makes all the difference.

This has definitely helped
Written by Gerald on Feb 24th 2024

I'm falling asleep within 30-45 minutes of taking each night. That's a huge improvement for me. I would stay up for hours often prior to this.

One dropper is all it takes
Written by Rich on Feb 24th 2024

I only need one dropper full and I am out like a light.

Very good sleep aid
Written by Shizue on Feb 19th 2024

I am sleeping much better now.

As promised
Written by Margery on Feb 17th 2024

This is as promised. Takes the edge off a stressful day and puts me to sleep quick.

Written by Noah on Feb 14th 2024

Completely fixed my sleep schedule. It helped me fall asleep much earlier and get out of bed quicker in the morning.

Unwind and be whisked away
Written by Selina on Feb 12th 2024

Tossing, turning, and endless nights of unrest have met their match!

Love the CBN
Written by MM on Feb 4th 2024

I've used CBD for sleep in the past. It works well, but this formula with the added CBN is extremely effective!

Written by Josh on Feb 3rd 2024

Sleeping like a baby

I love it
Written by Shelby on Jan 31st 2024

I feel so good and relaxed, I love it!

As promised
Written by Steven on Jan 29th 2024

This works exactly as promised. Takes the edge off a stressful day to provide me a deep sleep and restful night.

Great non psychoactive sleep aid
Written by Jules on Jan 27th 2024

I'm 5 years sober and have had trouble sleeping for many years. I'm really happy to have found a drug-free sleep aid that actually works.

Can't believe I have been missing out on this
Written by Nick on Jan 26th 2024

I honestly didn't know I could sleep this well. Boy was I more messed up than I realized lol. I'll be a customer for life.

Written by Dustyn on Jan 25th 2024

Right before bed ?

Written by Tom on Jan 23rd 2024

Best nights sleep i've had in years! Ordering another bottle for my wife.

Great for athletes
Written by Ian on Jan 20th 2024

I'm a competition runner and always looking to gain any edge I can. I started using a whoop strap to track my sleep and recovery in November, and noticed my sleep score was much more poor than I would have imagined. I've been using this oil each night (1.5ml) 30 mins before bed. My scores improved the first night, which I thought was a coincidence. However, its been over a month now and all my sleep metrics (especially REM) have remained in the "green". I also feel much more rested mentally and physically. This will be a staple in my training in and out of season from now on. Very impressed by how it has helped my body's recovery!

3 months of use and still great!
Written by A.C. on Jan 20th 2024

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! This product has transformed my sleep routine, providing a truly deep sleep. I use 2ml before bedtime, and I'm quickly whisked away into a tranquil state. The fast-acting nature makes it a bedtime essential. I appreciate their commitment to purity, third-party testing, and excellent customer service.

It does exactly what it says
Written by Justyn on Jan 19th 2024

I bought this because I work nights and always have a hard sleeping when I get off. This stuff has really helped me. So, if you're grinding all night and need something to help you crash out then definitely give this a try. It's been a major game-changer for me.

Pure Sleep Elixir!
Written by Paula on Jan 19th 2024

Discovering Vibrations CBD Oil has been a game-changer for my sleep. With added CBN, no added flavors or extras, it delivers a very natural and deep rest. What sets it apart from other remedies I've tried is the refreshing morning wake-up, leaving me ready to conquer the day. If you want a simple, all-natural solution for a good night's sleep, Vibrations sleep oil is the answer.

Best cbd for sleep I’ve tried
Written by Randi on Aug 25th 2023

I take two full droppers each night. It helps me stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, finally.