Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (1,000mg)


✔️ Aid in pain relief
✔️ Improve balance and stress management
✔️ Alleviate tension and reduce inflammation
✔️ Increase relaxation for a great night's sleep
✔️ Enhance recovery from exercise
✔️ Regain a sense of calm
✔️ Everyday wellness for physical and mental well being

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Vibrations CBD tinctures are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the absolute highest level of quality and consistency. In order to provide the most natural products possible we utilize just two ingredients, phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp extract, organic medium-chain triglyceride MCT Oil (Coconut derived), and no artificial or "natural" flavors. Our whole-plant formula, provides a much wider array of phytonutrients and terpenes widely believed to enhance CBD's efficacy through a synergistic “entourage” effect.



Product Reviews

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Will buy again
Written by Shaun on Mar 2nd 2024

Very good product. I will differently be purchasing this again. I am feeling much better with absolutely no side effects.

Great for nerves
Written by Sheldon on Mar 1st 2024

I get extremely nervous in social settings and in crowds. I ordered this because I had to give a presentation at work and thought it might help. I was still feeling a little nervous, but this absolutely helped. I felt more confident and relaxed. My mind did not seem to spiral like it normally would. I am going to continue using this as needed. Thank you

Great Product
Written by Greg on Feb 29th 2024

This is helping me with muscle fatigue and back spasms. I take it everyday as a preventative and maintenance routine. When I have a flare up I will double the dose and that helps.

Multiple uses
Written by Dani on Feb 28th 2024

I've used this topically on rashes and irritated skin and also orally for sleep. It has worked great in every instance. I'm very impressed.

Good for seniors
Written by Emma on Feb 28th 2024

My 92 year old grandma is using this for pain. She says it helps her body relax and she is feeling less discomfort.

Lovely product
Written by Kari on Feb 26th 2024

This has me feeling light and clear headed. I have no groggy feeling whatsoever.

A little each day
Written by Marshall on Feb 26th 2024

A small dose each day keeps the doctor away. Thank you Vibrations

Amazing product
Written by Donald on Feb 25th 2024

Amazing product, no taste whatsoever.

Pleasantly surprised
Written by Miranda on Feb 23rd 2024

I'm happy to report that my stress levels have decreased drastically. This worked from day one. Thank you!

Still loving this
Written by Esme on Feb 19th 2024

Such a great addition to my life, thank you!

I like it
Written by Nancy on Feb 17th 2024

This makes my entire body feel great and relaxes my mind.

Great buy
Written by Marcus Walters on Feb 14th 2024

Works quickly and lasts all day for me. I take it under my tongue as instructed.

My savior!
Written by Florencia on Feb 14th 2024

Total bliss in a bottle! This has helped me so much, thank you!

Almost feels too good to be true
Written by Jake on Feb 12th 2024

I keep waiting for my pain to return, but so far this broad spectrum oil is winning the battle!

Relief with no side effects
Written by Peggy on Feb 12th 2024

A lifesaver for my arthritis. With daily use, I've experienced a significant reduction in joint pain and stiffness. It's become an essential part of my daily routine, offering relief without any unpleasant side effects.

Sleepy time
Written by Carolina on Feb 9th 2024

It helps me sleep at night!

Helps so much
Written by Clelia on Feb 7th 2024

This oil has completely changed my mind about CBD. I feel so much more relaxed and my body feels less tense.

Very calming
Written by Mel V. on Feb 6th 2024

I really like the way it helps me relax

Helps take off the edge
Written by Sasha on Feb 4th 2024

Feeling very calm and in control with this.

I really love this company
Written by Caroline on Feb 3rd 2024

Their products are truly top tier and they always provide incredible service anytime I need anything. It really feels like they care.

I am very much less tense
Written by Tyler on Jan 31st 2024

I have been going through a tough time the past few months and dealing with a multitude of stressors in my life. It was suggested to me that I try CBD to ease my mind and body. I did some research and found this company. I have been taking for two weeks now, and I'm feeling much better! I started using 2-3ml per day, but the effects have carried over day after day. Now I am down to 1ml per day. The tension in my face/body from stress/anxiety is gone and I am feeling much more positive. Really solid product for anyone dealing with anxiety, stress, or mental turbulence.

Really good product
Written by Janice on Jan 31st 2024

Been using for almost a year now and I am very pleased!

Great natural formula
Written by Austin on Jan 28th 2024

I love that there is no added flavor. It feels incredibly natural and works quickly.

5 Stars!
Written by Paola S.B. on Jan 24th 2024

I first got this at a boutique in Los Angeles last year because the staff highly recommended it for my arthritis. I've been ordering every month since and it is just as effective as day one!

Love the natural formula
Written by LeAnn on Jan 22nd 2024

I bought this because it was the only cbd oil I could find that did not contain any natural or artificial flavors. I try to make sure everything I consume is as natural as possible and this oil meets that criteria for me. I use it for overall body soreness and stress. It works really well for me.

I love it!
Written by Tish on Jan 21st 2024

Consistent quality, excellent product.

Calm in a Bottle!
Written by Laurel on Jan 20th 2024

Discovering Vibrations cbd has been a revelation for my anxiety and stress. A few drops under my tongue, and I feel an almost immediate sense of calm. It's become my secret weapon for navigating social situations with ease. The all natural formula and with simple ingredients makes it a winner for me, and I typically use it 2x a day.

Broad Spectrum CBD OIL 1000mg
Written by marla on Dec 19th 2023

I started taking 1ml / twice a day to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms and within a week noticed significantly less joint pain and inflammation. I'm definitely going to re order.

Improving my anxiety
Written by Daniel on Sep 19th 2023

I struggle with anxiety but I’ve been using 2ml of this during the day and it has really helped.

Waiting for free sample.
Written by Robert walker on Sep 17th 2023

Maybe it's a scam , cuz there is no checkout ?

Great for pain management
Written by Nonie on Aug 21st 2023

I bought this to help manage my joint inflammation and pain. I take 1-2 dropper fulls before bed and it helps me sleep through the night without waking up in extreme pain. Thank you for making such a great product!

This product is a GAME CHANGER
Written by Jamie on Sep 16th 2022

For starters, I’m already in love with this tincture & have purchased it multiple times. I’m currently at the tail end of having COVID & I was having the worst coughing fit of my entire life. I tried every medicine to help give me some relief & nothing was working. I grabbed my Cbd tincture & took a whole dropper. I almost immediately stopped coughing. It’s worked better than anything else I’ve tried (cough syrup/ drops etc.)! I was coughing again last night & having trouble sleeping. I got up and took it and was able to sleep 6 straight hours. Go ahead and add “cough suppressant” to the suggested uses because this is all I’ll be using from now on. Thank you!!!

Best sleep aid!
Written by Marilyn on Mar 18th 2022

These drops have helped me sleep better than I have in so many years! Thank you!!